## Reset everything
# lets you do a safe reload: yes, ~/.mutt/common should be sourced
# as the very thing in your .muttrc
reset all
unhook *

## My Settings
# i won't describe all of these verbosely, most are quite obvious,
# the others are described in the mutt manual, which is well worth reading
set mail_check = 1
set alias_file = ~/.mutt/aliases

# invoke my favourite editor, set it up for sending good emails,
# and very lazily place my cursor right where it needs to be for me to
# start typing
# For short commands, I use the plus notation. I've put the set stuff
# into one bit -c parameter for clarity.
# To have vim pop up, ready to type, add "+smartinsert" to this line.
# I just found this annoying after a while.
set editor = "vim +/^$ ++1 -c 'set tw=76 expandtab nosmartindent'"

# set Ctrl-T to run the little brother database query binary
set query_command = "lbdbq %s"

# clear all headers
unmy_hdr *
set forw_format="fwd: %s"

# my favourite terminal font doesn't do drawing characters very well,
# so I turn them off
set ascii_chars = yes

# attributions are what appear before quoted relies. the second
# one is a fun little outlook exploit to annoy people with -> DON'T do
# this on lists such as SLUG, because we're trying to HELP people to
# use Free Software, so it's very important that we are polite and open
set attribution = "<quote who=\"%n\">\n"
#set attribution = "begin  %n  quotation:\n"
set indent_string = "> "
set strict_threads = no

# these are a set of settings which get me into my email quick smart
# with all of the headers ready to roll in my editor. don't slow my
set fast_reply
set askcc = no
set askbcc = no
set edit_headers = yes
# use my alias for them, not their from name
set reverse_alias = yes
# reply with the same recipient name/address...
set reverse_name = yes
# ... but use my defined name in reverse setting
set reverse_realname=no

# various preferences for usability -> best to read the manual for these
set confirmappend = no
set delete = yes
set pager_index_lines = 6
set pager_stop = yes
set move = no
set auto_tag = yes
set beep = yes
set beep_new = no
set copy = yes
set sig_dashes = no
set save_empty = no
set markers = no
set metoo = no

# don't download keys
set pgp_verify_sig=no

## View
# instead of specifically making some headers visible, i turn the boring
# ones off. that means I get to see many of the funny headers that people
# put into their emails.
unignore *
ignore content deliver errors-to importance in-reply list message-id
ignore mime precedence priority received references resent return-path sender
ignore x-accept x-authentication x-beenthere x-cid x-complaints x-dispatcher
ignore x-egroups x-envelope x-fingerprint x-juno x-keywords x-loop x-mailing
ignore x-mailman x-mime x-ms x-news x-origina x-orcpt envelope
ignore x-priority x-sender x-smtp x-trace x-uid x-unsent
ignore "from " status x-status lines x-received
ignore x-spam-checker-version x-spam-level old-return-path mail-followup-to
ignore x-slug-spam

# sort what i see in the viewer sanely
hdr_order Date From To: Reply-To: From: Cc: Bcc: Subject:

# show nice toolbars and such. mostly taken from tom gilbert's muttrc,
# with the exception of my spick and span folder_format, which will stun and
# amaze with its beauty and clarity
# for mbox
#set folder_format=" %N  %f  %>   %d  %8s  %F  %u/%g "
# for maildir
set folder_format=" %N  %f  %>   %d  %u/%g "
set index_format="%Z %[!%d/%m] | %-18.18F | %4c | %s"
set pager_format="%S [%C] %n %l %s"
set status_format="-%r-Mutt: %f [Msgs:%?M?%M/?%m%?n? New:%n?%?o? Old:%o?%?d? Del:%d?%?F? Flag:%F?%?t? Tag:%t?%?p? Post:%p?%?b? Inc:%b? %?l? %l?]---(%s/%S)-%>-(%P)---"

set to_chars="  TCF"  #default (Not to me, To me, CC me, From me)
set mark_old = yes

# very default settings for folders
# sort by threads/reverse-date and collapse all threads
folder-hook     .               "set sort = threads; set sort_aux = reverse-date-received"
folder-hook     ~/Maildir/$     "set sort = reverse-date-received"
folder-hook     ".*Sent.*"      "set sort = reverse-date-received"
folder-hook     ".*Trash.*"     "set sort = reverse-date-received"
# do not collapse threads with unread mail
folder-hook     ! ~/Maildir/$   "exec collapse-all; unset collapse_unread"
#unset collapse_unread
#unset collapse_flagged

## Automation and Smarts
# search useful fields by default
set simple_search="~f %s | ~C %s | ~s %s"   # default pattern (Fr|To|Cc|Su)

# show interesting stuff by default
# you should install antiword! :-)
auto_view text/enriched
auto_view application/pgp-signature
auto_view application/msword
auto_view application/x-troff-man
auto_view text/x-vcard
auto_view text/html

# but this will render all html, we only want to autoview it when we don't have
# text/plain:
alternative_order text/enriched text/plain text

# aliases for broken MUAs
charset-hook windows-1250 CP1250
charset-hook windows-1251 CP1251
charset-hook windows-1252 CP1252
charset-hook windows-1253 CP1253
charset-hook windows-1254 CP1254
charset-hook windows-1255 CP1255
charset-hook windows-1256 CP1256
charset-hook windows-1257 CP1257
charset-hook windows-1258 CP1258

## Import Common Settings
# bring in my other common settings files
#source /etc/Muttrc
#source ~/.mutt/gpg
source ~/.mutt/keys
source ~/.mutt/colours
# bring in my personal aliases file
source ~/.mutt/aliases