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WordPress 2.7 released!

WordPress 2.7 is an awesome release. The revision of the admin backend, despite being so soon after the changes in 2.5, is fantastic… particularly for “real users”. I enjoyed putting forward my blunt perspective on the issue while Matt and … Continue reading

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Projects that make my WordPress rock!

Here are some of the projects that I enjoy using with WordPress… Perhaps you’ll find them as useful as I have. WordPress and WordPress MU (multi-user) It’s hard to make recommendations related to WordPress without mentioning the project itself, and … Continue reading

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WordPress Party! Sydney Style.

Matt announced a 5th birthday party for WordPress in San Francisco, and welcomed birthday events around the world. So here’s a response from the other side of the Pacific… Join the WordPress 5th birthday celebrations in Sydney this Tuesday, 7pm … Continue reading

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Projects that make GNOME rock!

James Maguire at Datamation published an article late last year about the favourite projects of FLOSS industry and community leaders. Uh huh, I’m still catching up with 2007! 🙂 With my GNOME Foundation hat on I thought that, rather than … Continue reading

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WordPress MU + OpenID

After quite a bit of work, WP-OpenID is now ready for WPMU! Always wanted your WPMU install to consume OpenID for logins and comments? Now it can! I am already running this modified version on blogs.gnome.org and perkypants.org (WPMU and … Continue reading

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