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Happy birthday, Mister Po!

This is Po, celebrating his second birthday earlier tonight… he’s such a big boy now! Not quite as cute as his very young self, but still beautiful. 🙂 I had planned to celebrate with a big family dinner, but because … Continue reading

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Welcoming Po to the family

Yesterday we adopted a beautiful, 2½ month-old Border Collie puppy. He was the more curious and attentive of two brothers, though it was still a difficult choice! He is heart-stoppingly cute, has that adorable “new puppy” smell, soft and fluffy … Continue reading

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Friends, partners, lovers, warriors…

Goodness me, Pipka and I were married four years ago today. What an adventure! It’s hard to believe how much we’ve achieved together in the last four years. Some musings… It feels like ages ago that Pia started a company, … Continue reading

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WordPress Tango/GNOME Smilies

Been playing with Tango icons recently, so had the bright idea of swapping out most of the default WordPress smilies for luscious Tango and GNOME icon theme emotes: … icky ➡ awesome … Much nicer! Cheesy and nasty, but I … Continue reading

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I’m really enjoying the new camera. Of course, that means Pia isn’t enjoying me enjoying the new camera! But she can’t be too upset, with beautiful pictures like these. 🙂

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Ubuntu Videogram Screentest

Some amusing Ubuntu history for you… A few weeks back, Matt Zimmerman — who must be aiming for a world record in “dude, you so need a blog” demands — reminded me about a bizaare video created early last year … Continue reading

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Waugh Family

I realised that waugh.id.au was empty, so I added a family feed reader to it. It’s all sooky and lovey-dovey and stuff. Rock.

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Finally got hold of the wedding photos CD over the weekend – hard to believe it has nearly been five months! Try to find the shots where my face isn’t frozen in the same expression (no, the kissing ones don’t … Continue reading

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