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The Great Australian Internet Blackout

The Great Australian Internet Blackout is a combined online and offline demonstration against imposed online censorship. We’re collaborating with Electronic Frontiers Australia (and hoping to bring on similar organisations soon) to make sure every Australian knows why this draconian policy … Continue reading

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The Amazing Emanuel Brothers

President-Elect Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was the inspiration for The West Wing’s #1 White House hottie, Josh Lyman. (Interesting aside: After serving as Deputy Chief of Staff to Leo McGarry through President Bartlet’s administration, Josh Lyman became Chief … Continue reading

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WotD: surge

surge, noun — Throwing good after bad. Such as: money, lives, reputation, international good-will. Recent examples of use: Iraq, Wall Street, deregulation, tax cuts for the top 1%, War on Drugs.

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QoTD: Brendan Nelson

Every mother loves her baby, every baby is valued and Mr Rudd should value all babies equally. We should not live in Australia where Mr Rudd thinks that some babies are more valuable than others. It’s very, very important that … Continue reading

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QoTD: Gough Whitlam

“Only the impotent are pure.” — Gough Whitlam

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Poll Position

In Australia, there is a key position — fundamental to our governance, and almost unique to the Australian political landscape — that we, the people of this nation, do not elect. As I say this, you may be thinking of … Continue reading

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QoTD: Gough Whitlam

“Now, in ’07, the task of the Australian Labor Party is to address and redress the growing inequality created not by neglect or drift or indifference, but by the deliberate infliction of a decade of the most ideologically driven regime … Continue reading

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Cheney in Sydney

“[The Premier of New South Wales] said state firearms regulations had been amended to allow Mr Cheney’s US Secret Service bodyguards to carry firearms during the visit because the vice president’s security was of paramount concern.” — Protesters warned over … Continue reading

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Humble Pie

I say, why all the glum faces? *crickets* And in my first act of bipartisan outreach since the election, I shared with [Nancy Pelosi] the names of some Republican interior decorators who can help her pick out the new drapes … Continue reading

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Politics Schmolitics

The United States of America… is armed to the teeth with nukes, disrespects international law, invades and wages war on foreign countries based on abject lies, savagely ignores human rights, has virtually buried habeas corpus, supports institutionalised torture, and finally, … Continue reading

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