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QoTD: Jeff Hodges

“Fail hard. Fail with motherfucking gusto. Succeeding, like flying, is throwing yourself to the ground and missing.” — Jeff Hodges, offering advice on how to get people to hack on your project

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Quiet lately; an explanation

Some of you have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately — for about a month now — and it deserves some explanation. May as well just be blunt: I’ve been very heavily depressed, not socialising, shying away from … Continue reading

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Filter this!

Just by looking at this picture, can you guess what NetFox do? That’s right! NetFox produce a policy-based web filtering product, to protect you from the evils of the Internet and skyrocketing bandwidth bills care of your porn-hungry employees or … Continue reading

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Alanis Morissette’s Humps

Can you use “Tori” as a verb? I hope so: Alanis completely Tories Fergie in this cover of “My Humps”, but for the satire, not the tribute. Awesome!

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Good Work

I bumped into an ex-girlfriend’s father the other week. With him was said ex-girlfriend’s fiance, who I hadn’t met. Nor was I aware anyone had acquired this status. Anyway, during introductions as this fact was revealed, I said, “Oh, good … Continue reading

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Tip of the day!

Should you, in the early hours of the morning, find a terrified, dazed, semi-naked young woman with her legs bound, lying face down in a gutter just outside your house, screaming, “Help me! Where am I? Where am I?”, your … Continue reading

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Canon EOS 400D

John Ferlito, Seven Tech Guru With a bit of expert advice from The Internet’s Larry Ewing, Pia and I bought a Canon EOS 400D today. What a delightful piece of hardware! This photo of John Ferlito is the best of … Continue reading

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Mystery hum and monocultures

Get the hell out of there, Glynn. We just don’t know what could happen.

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Zombies are People, Too

How things change… and how things stay the same. For Jaq’s most excellent Casaween party, Pia and I dressed as zombies… as a sociopolitical statement, or even protest. “What kind of sociopolitical protestations do zombies harbour?” you may ask. “Is … Continue reading

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Awesome Reanimated

I was poking around for some spare hardware, and came upon an old machine I hadn’t used for a while. Turns out I hadn’t used it for quite a while indeed: /dev/hda1 has gone 1375 days without being checked, check … Continue reading

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