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QotD: Jon Corbet on linux.conf.au and Linux Australia

In summary, LCA remains unique in its combination of strongly technical talks, freedom-oriented and hands-on orientation, wide variety of topics covered, and infectious Australian humor. There is a reason some of us seem to end up there every year despite … Continue reading

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Linux Australia puts a lid on the linux.conf.au 2011 distraction

Two weeks ago I wrote about the unfortunate┬ácontroversy and aftermath of a keynote speech given at linux.conf.au 2011. I am pleased and impressed by the Linux Australia statement, released today, which should put a lid on the distraction. Well, one … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on the aftermath of a linux.conf.au 2011 keynote

During the final keynote of linux.conf.au 2011, Mark Pesce used some images in his slides which breached┬áspeaker guidelines and conference policy. Linux Australia and the lca2011 team responded quickly, announcing an apology at the next available whole-of-conference plenary event. As … Continue reading

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Devils and Penguins

Tux passes the baton to Tuz, the hastily-disguised Tasmanian Devil… at least for this release. Great to see one of the more high profile pledges of the madcap, ridiculous, wonderful and incredibly generous linux.conf.au 2009 auction being paid off. ­čÖé … Continue reading

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Spy photos reveal linux.conf.au 2009 gene therapy feat

Update: Holy crap, the little devil has escaped! There could only be one explanation… it must be using some kind of photon-traversing, CCD-infecting, executable, self-modifying JPEG trojan code. We must find it, save the cheerleader, and save humanity… Help us … Continue reading

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Cliques, invitations and meritocracies

So am I paranoid? Are invite-only events a necessary evil? Or should I let my curiousity overcome my principles? Hey, maybe one of those web 2.0 types could help me enable comments on my blog… — Rusty Russell, The foocamp … Continue reading

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