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How to mount a VirtualBox VDI image

Don’t believe the hype! It is entirely possible to mount a VirtualBox VDI image, just like a loopback filesystem… all you need are the right tools and know-how. Allow me to illustrate. My apologies, that was the wrong illustration. Onward! … Continue reading

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Lay your bets on the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx) trend spike

The Ubuntu world is gearing up for the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx) next month, and I suspect (or at least dearly hope) Canonical is lining up the ducks for something of a marketing blitz once it lands. … Continue reading

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No(uveau), Mum…

Ah, the life and times of a kernel hacker…

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Google Distro Trends, 2009/04/23

Just mentioned it in the comments of my previous post, but it’s worth a more public reminder… That’s what I would describe as “the hopes and dreams of a generation” (of Software Freedom lovers), and is the result of fantastic … Continue reading

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Devils and Penguins

Tux passes the baton to Tuz, the hastily-disguised Tasmanian Devil… at least for this release. Great to see one of the more high profile pledges of the madcap, ridiculous, wonderful and incredibly generous linux.conf.au 2009 auction being paid off. ๐Ÿ™‚ … Continue reading

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This is progress? (iftab vs. udev)

Apparently, the delightfully simple /etc/iftab is no longer used, replaced with the ugly and fiercely undelightful /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. See, you can even tell from the name of the file that you’re not going to like it. Surely udev could read and … Continue reading

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Happiness is a warm cache

If you haven’t celebrated New Year’s in Sydney, you haven’t celebrated New Year’s… and remember, kids, 2008 is the year of Linux on the des– kidding! Happy new year! Photo courtesy SMH. Click the image for more.

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Cliques, invitations and meritocracies

So am I paranoid? Are invite-only events a necessary evil? Or should I let my curiousity overcome my principles? Hey, maybe one of those web 2.0 types could help me enable comments on my blog… — Rusty Russell, The foocamp … Continue reading

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Jinxed again for 2008

“No doubt you’ve heard the prediction before รขโ‚ฌโ€ ‘this is going to be the year of the Linux desktop’. At the risk of being repetitive, though, I’m going to go ahead and say it: 2008 really could be the year … Continue reading

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Go, SCO, go!

Seriously guys, you totally win.

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