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The Great Australian Internet Blackout

The Great Australian Internet Blackout is a combined online and offline demonstration against imposed online censorship. We’re collaborating with Electronic Frontiers Australia (and hoping to bring on similar organisations soon) to make sure every Australian knows why this draconian policy … Continue reading

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More mainstream media love for OpenAustralia

Totally awesome to see Matthew Moore covering OpenAustralia‘s efforts to bring the register of members’ interests to the web: Given the fortunes spent in the nation’s Parliament, and Kevin Rudd’s professed desired for more transparency in government, it seems absurd … Continue reading

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GNOME: Ten years of Freedom!

A one month, world-wide celebration of GNOME’s tenth anniversary begins this week, culminating in mid-September with Software Freedom Day and the release of GNOME 2.20. During the celebration month, GNOME contributors will create a scrapbook wiki recording their ten year … Continue reading

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Mako joins the FSF Board!

A very welcome surprise: Mako will be reducing the average age of the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors, after the recent resignation of long-serving director Eben Moglen (and the likely departure of Lawrence Lessig in the near future). Sadly, … Continue reading

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Freedom of Automation

Jon Udell links to → his interview with Jeannette Wing about computational thinking → which reminds me of Conrad Parker’s Freedom of Automation talk (Ogg, 19M) at our Software Freedom Day event in Sydney last year.

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