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Trying to will a world into existence

From James Cameron’s introduction to an early scriptment of Strange Days: At the beginning of any writing project is the agonizing period in which nebulous ideas dance before the mind’s eye like memories of a dream, and vaporous vague shapes take on human … Continue reading

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Best (Scott Pilgrim) meta film review ever

Here’s what I’m saying: I’m a woman, I’m in my late thirties, I can’t handle first-person shooters, I’m afraid of Comic-Con, and I really, really liked Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I hope I’m not, you know, blowing your mind. … Continue reading

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Wow. Is it possible that Michael Bay’s reputation could be… uh… transformed by his new film? A whole two thirds of the film went by before his trademark gratuitous slo-mo action shot! It turned out to be a solid, popcorn-worthy … Continue reading

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If the Ocean’s films are the culture tax I have to pay for Clooney’s other work, roll on Ocean’s Fourteen!

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Speaking with customers

Today, Pipka came home with a story about a customer who was considering moving to a 100% Windows environment because he was merely unfamiliar with Linux. Now, I wouldn’t recommend the strategy she used in the general case — in … Continue reading

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Spiderman 3

The doubt began when I saw three bad guys in one of the later Spiderman 3 trailers — Harry’s Green Goblin, the Sandman and Venom. How could they pack three bad guys into the one film and manage to establish … Continue reading

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