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Lay your bets on the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx) trend spike

The Ubuntu world is gearing up for the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx) next month, and I suspect (or at least dearly hope) Canonical is lining up the ducks for something of a marketing blitz once it lands. … Continue reading

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Google Distro Trends, 2009/04/23

Just mentioned it in the comments of my previous post, but it’s worth a more public reminder… That’s what I would describe as “the hopes and dreams of a generation” (of Software Freedom lovers), and is the result of fantastic … Continue reading

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approx: Package caching for Ubuntu (and Debian) lovers

If you have quite a few Debian or Ubuntu machines and you want an easy way to share and speed up package downloads — or reduce your bandwidth consumption — then approx is for you! It’s incredibly easy to set … Continue reading

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Understanding the Ubuntu package repositories

During a thread about daylight savings confusion here in Sydney, Martin Barry asked the SLUG list why updates to Ubuntu packages go into a separate “updates” repository. John Ferlito suggested that I blog my answer… I’ve never understood the ${ubuntu_release}-updates … Continue reading

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GNOME bugs through the ages

Over on Planet Debian, Christian Perrier looked back at the number of Debian bugs submitted over the years. The variation is not quite large enough to make any serious judgements about the impact of Ubuntu, but the spike in 2004 … Continue reading

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