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Replacing Apache with nginx for static file serving

This chart represents the regular activity of an Apache server from Monday to Thursday — a massive spike of non-idle processes starting around lunch time — and then an eerily quiet Friday. No, it wasn’t a public holiday, it’s just … Continue reading

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Case-insensitive mapping with mod_rewrite’s RewriteMap

Sometimes when you need to manage a massive pile of URL redirections — for instance, when you’re playing snatch-the-tablecloth with your web platform — it’s handy to mash them all together with mod_rewrite’s RewriteMap feature. I hit a frustrating stumbling … Continue reading

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GNOME in MarkMail

So when Tim O’Reilly pimped MarkMail a few weeks ago, with a post about their huge Perl mail archive import, I liked what I saw. But it wasn’t just that. I also wondered how much we kicked Perl’s arse. Or, … Continue reading

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