Parting ways

After nine years together, Pia and I are separating. This is a mutual and amicable decision, and we wanted everyone to know that we’re both okay. Pia has also written about it.

Although it’s a rough time in many ways, and both of us will greatly appreciate the support and company of our friends as a result, there are some silver linings.

One is that Pia and I are still great friends, and unless we royally screw up this process, we have every opportunity to continue being the very best of friends. That’s certainly what we’re aiming for, anyway.

Another is that I’ll be moving to Sydney relatively soon, and will have more opportunities to catch up with all my friends there. Yass has been wonderful, but a bit lonely at times. Pia is planning to stick around the Canberra area for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, we’re doing okay. There’s pain, of course, but not much weirdness. Time has and will heal those wounds. As Pia says, you can still invite us to the same parties. 🙂

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