Wired? Tired? Expired.

Glyn Moody pointed out an awful article written by Chris Anderson (of Long Tail infamy) and Michael Wolff, “The Web is Dead. Long Live the Internet”. It is almost Nick Carr-esque in its pursuit of overwrought claims with little to no basis in fact.

The lunacy of this article will resonate with anyone remotely connected with the technology industry, let alone those involved in software and web development.

But here are my favourite bits of abject cluelessness:

JavaScript then, Objective-C now? HTML then, XML now? What the fuck have you been smoking, Chris Anderson? … and don’t tell me it was some “junior staffer” subbing the living crap out of your stupid lack of perspective.

… and then this little gem to finish things off, ignoring years of evidence that we enjoy temporary dalliances with convenience before returning to (often quite) revolutionary openness:

The Internet is the real revolution, as important as electricity; what we do with it is still evolving. As it moved from your desktop to your pocket, the nature of the Net changed. The delirious chaos of the open Web was an adolescent phase subsidized by industrial giants groping their way in a new world. Now they’re doing what industrialists do best — finding choke points. And by the looks of it, we’re loving it.

I’ll make my own bold, unsubstantiated claim… Wired: Tired and expired.

Glad I have that off my chest. Thank you, ball boys.

* * *

Update: Check out this hilarious take-down from Boing Boing … with facts! … and analysis! … and pretty graphs!

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  1. Ken Bloom says:

    Even given the fact that video is now overtaking the “web” — really, video is part and parcel of the web experience — a large portion of that is 30 second snippets from YouTube and places like that — not TV shows.

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