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Happy 7th birthday, Linode!

Perhaps this is a familiar refrain for some readers… but I’ll say it again: Linode rock! On their 7th birthday, they are giving current and new users a huuuge RAM upgrade —  around 42% on average. From humble beginnings as a … Continue reading

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Why I’m excited about Palm’s webOS

I have been a Palm fan for a very long time. My first PDA was a PalmPilot Professional, which eventually led to the m100 (AA batteries!), my first Palm OS phone, Pia’s hand-me-down Tungsten W, the Treo 650 and finally, my … Continue reading

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Ubuntu’s Bleeding Edge, an act of niche journalism

I’ve been struggling to write anything of consequence at all recently… but apparently the best way to get back on the horse is to write what you know, so I have embarked on what might be described as an act … Continue reading

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