Facebook Zucks

Facebook Sucks (Blue)

Facebook sucks? Nah, man: Facebook Zucks!

Download the whole CC-BY collection — includes SVGs! (ZIP, 89KB)

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6 Responses to Facebook Zucks

  1. Alexandre Franke says:

    Especially appropriate on Quit Facebook Day!

  2. jargon says:

    I get it: Mark Zuckerberg. But do you know Zuckerberg is a German name, that literally translates to Sugarhill? Facebook’s sweet? I think not. 😉

  3. Gabriel Padoan says:

    In fact, zucker == sugar 😉

  4. pinky says:

    Funny to read this from someone with a facebook account… *SCNR* 😉

  5. Jeff Waugh says:

    Ah well, if you’re going to zuck, may as well zuck something sweet. 😉

  6. sabueso says:

    Zuck ..zuck ….yeah! xD

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