QotD: Guy Rundle

The whole thing shows that if you have a basic contempt for the idea of government — that you wanted it to be small enough to “get it in the bathtub and drown it” — then it will come back at with you with failure that threatens the very basis of orderly life itself. California’s getting a lesson in that.

— Guy Rundle in Crikey: What’s happened to the once great state of┬áCalifornia?

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4 Responses to QotD: Guy Rundle

  1. Stephen Thorne says:


  2. James Henstridge says:

    The link you provide doesn’t seem to have any of that text.

  3. Paul Shirren says:

    Why would I pay to read about US politics on Crikey when I can read HuffPo for nix?

    If Crikey can not make enough money by putting advertising on their articles then it can’t be that great a read. Ofcourse any advertiser would be heading straight for The Punch since their articles can be read by the whole fucking Internet. I canceled all my msm subscriptions years ago. That gig is dead, dead, dead.

    Only journos would try and entice you to subscribe by getting you drunk on $86 worth of unknown wine. Nothing attracts a journo like a trough I guess so they probably assume the rest of us are the same. Muslims must be signing up by the hajj load for that deal. Throw in a pack of ciggies as well? How about a couple of cartons of beer for the yobbos?

    • Jeff Waugh says:

      It’s been their business model for a while, and it has worked. Other publications are wondering how to adopt similar hybrid models. Paying for quality journalism will never be “dead, dead, dead”.

      Crikey publish a number of non-paywalled articles each day, and all the paywalled articles are openly published after two weeks. Remarkably similar publishing and business model to a publication I have supported as a subscriber for years now: LWN.

      (In this case, you’d read about US politics on Crikey because it’s Guy Rundle’s analysis from an Australian perspective. Also, it’s Guy Fucking Rundle.)

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