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QotD: Guy Rundle

The whole thing shows that if you have a basic contempt for the idea of government — that you wanted it to be small enough to “get it in the bathtub and drown it” — then it will come back … Continue reading

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Watching nginx upstreams with collectd

Already happy with nginx in front of Apache for a number of sites, I decided it was time to start testing nginx/fastcgi on my personal server (the serial crash test dummy of my web operations). The only problem: I have … Continue reading

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QotD: Brian Aker

Some companies lack “open source table manners”. Often they don’t know what is expected. Like my cat bringing dead mice to the dinner table. — Brian Aker, with some tiny Twitter wisdom

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WordPress and Drizzle

So, for amusement, education and a desire to put Drizzle through its paces with a real-world application, I built a Drizzle database adapter for WordPress. Rather than completely dumping the native wpdb class (as most WordPress database adapters appear to … Continue reading

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