Ubuntu 9.04 + branding “regression”

I have really enjoyed watching the iterative improvements to the original Ubuntu login screen theme. Well, at least until Intrepid, which looked awfully familiar… but the grungy additions kept me attempting to clean my screen in vain. Here’s a slightly earlier variant, quite a few lovely iterations beyond my original implementation (which was entirely too plain)…

Ubuntu Gutsy login screen

… and here’s the login screen you’ll find in the most recent release, Ubuntu 9.04. In a massive about face from the previous earthy/fleshy styles — which stood out as utterly unique and complemented Ubuntu’s “Linux for Human Beings” brand attitude — to me, this one just screams, “This is a public service announcement: You are using TECHNOLOGY.”

Ubuntu Jaunty login screen

That said, in almost every other sense, Ubuntu 9.04 is a rocking release. In particular, it’s fantastic to see Netbook Remix and the Dust theme shipping for real, and the integrated Dovecot/Postfix mail server meta-package… Vorsprung durch Einfachheit. 🙂

Congratulations again, Ubuntu and Canonical folks!

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