Devils and Penguins

Tux passes the baton to Tuz, the hastily-disguised Tasmanian Devil… at least for this release. Great to see one of the more high profile pledges of the madcap, ridiculous, wonderful and incredibly generous 2009 auction being paid off. 🙂

Tuz 2009: Tuz

Impact: help prevent extinction of species

The Tasmanian Devil is a shy iconic Australian creature named for its
spine-chilling screech.  It is threatened with extinction due to a
scientifically interesting but horrific transmissible facial cancer.

This one is standing in for Tux for one release using the far less-known
Devil Facial Tux Disguise.

Save The Tasmanian Devil

Signed-off-by: Hobart Team <>
Signed-off-by: Rusty Russell <>
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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4 Responses to Devils and Penguins

  1. Jeremy says:

    Let’s hope they keep it around as a selectable option in make menuconfig for future releases, even after they reset Tux to the default.

  2. John Ferlito says:

    jdub: Please poke the appropriate canonical people to ensure this patch remains in an actual Ubuntu release 🙂

  3. Michael Carden says:


    Kudos to Rusty for picking that up and running with it. By next morning he had the boot screen demo for us.

    Memories of that crazy auction in the Wrest Point mega-hall will always bring a smile.

  4. Jeff Waugh says:

    @John Ferlito: Odds are that 2.6.29 itself won’t be in an Ubuntu release, unfortunately. I’d imagine 2.6.30 will be more timely for 9.10, given that 2.6.29 just shipped… but I could be wrong. We’ll have an idea soon enough, when the blueprints for 9.10 appear, and there’s discussion at UDS.

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