QotD: Guy Rundle

When your movement is being led by a 13-year-old child, the morbidly obese recovering benzodiazepine addict radio star Rush Limbaugh, and a mystical simpleton like Joe the Plumber, then you’re at the point medieval Europe reached around the time of the children’s crusade.

— Guy Rundle, US right on a long march to medievalism

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7 Responses to QotD: Guy Rundle

  1. Scott says:

    It is indeed an awesome quote.

  2. Simon Rumble says:

    I’m loving Guy Rundle’s work!

  3. Flimm says:

    I don’t know Guy Rundle’s stuff well enough to comment on his position, but I do dislike the ageism that that quote displays: teenagers can and do act responsibly, and a teenager leading a movement is something to be proud of, not ridiculed.

  4. Kendale says:

    At least the truth holds, when a liberal has nothing they can always resort to trashing that person(s) and the sheep will follow. How impressive!

  5. Russ says:

    What a wonderful collection of ad hominems. You are really catering to the high brow readers here.

  6. i-guess-i'm-too-dumb-to-be-a-leftist says:

    sigh… the left is so depressing. the do the exact opposite of what they say. no thought, no analysis, hate for the individual, no understanding of real freedom and freedom of choice. and then so many seemingly intelligent people i read eat it right up. depressed.

  7. Jeff Waugh says:

    Let’s see… “the right” have been doing a pretty good job of raising hypocritical nutjobs as thought leaders for quite a while now, so I’m pretty sure you’ll hear that kind of thing from either side, valid and invalid.

    Surely a post referencing Rush Limbaugh is the worst possible place to bring up the hypocrisy and/or thoughtlessness of “the left”?

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