Intriguing sessions at WordCamp Australia…

If you’re missing out on WordCamp Australia this weekend, you might really be missing out! A bunch of sessions that will be of particular interest to WordPress fans (and fans of all things new and groovy) have snuck their way into the published schedule, including:

  • “Launch: Prologue Groups” at 11:05 on Saturday, from Sam Bauers and Jane Wells
  • A “Special Presentation” at 13:30 on Saturday, from an undisclosed speaker
  • “Launch: Secret Product!” at 10:05 on Sunday, from Alex Shiels
  • Certain titles that may or may not suggest other project releases…

Might we see a live WordPress 2.7 release? Perhaps we’ll see some of the goodies previewed in Ranaan Bar-Cohen’s recent “Seven Tips for Virtual Collaboration” presentation… of course, you’ll never-never know if you never-never go.

I will be there. Wearing green. 😉

Bonus: Crikey Blogs is now featured on WordPress Showcase!

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One Response to Intriguing sessions at WordCamp Australia…

  1. WordCamp Australia was fantastic, but one of the most intriguing things for me was actually watching’s “live page” with all the Flickr/Twitter/etc. streams from the conference. I’m hoping you can tell us a bit about how you put that together and where you got the widgets/code with which you turned your homepage into one of the coolest conference accessories I’ve seen in a long time. 🙂 Thanks!

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