Intriguing sessions at WordCamp Australia…

If you’re missing out on WordCamp Australia this weekend, you might really be missing out! A bunch of sessions that will be of particular interest to WordPress fans (and fans of all things new and groovy) have snuck their way into the published schedule, including:

  • “Launch: Prologue Groups” at 11:05 on Saturday, from Sam Bauers and Jane Wells
  • A “Special Presentation” at 13:30 on Saturday, from an undisclosed speaker
  • “Launch: Secret Product!” at 10:05 on Sunday, from Alex Shiels
  • Certain titles that may or may not suggest other project releases…

Might we see a live WordPress 2.7 release? Perhaps we’ll see some of the goodies previewed in Ranaan Bar-Cohen’s recent “Seven Tips for Virtual Collaboration” presentation… of course, you’ll never-never know if you never-never go.

I will be there. Wearing green. 😉

Bonus: Crikey Blogs is now featured on WordPress Showcase!

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