Somewhere out there is a person with enough gumption and perseverance to write a Venus filter that would strip Planets of idiotic memes using some kind of clever heuristic or learning system. Perhaps we can call this the immoral study of “eumemics”. 🙂

Because this would just be cheating:

exclude = (the nearest book)
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16 Responses to Eumemics

  1. Simon says:

    Here here, couldn’t scroll past the memes fast enough.

  2. Hobbsee says:


  3. mmc says:

    I agree with you, memes are pointless.

  4. Martijn says:

    You’re just jealous because you don’t have any books 😛

  5. Jeremy says:

    I only play along with memes when my monthly post averages get dangerously low. The lowest I’ve ever got is two posts in a month. Never going to make that mistake again.

  6. Luzi says:

    I assume that you use /-ics/ to denote a scientific discipline, but /eu-/ is Greek and means ‘well’, so why did you use it? Apparently, /meme/ comes from the Greek verb /miméomai/ ‘to mimic’ (, so your formation /eumemics/ would probably translate as ‘the study of that which is well mimicked’ (or something like that…). Compare /euphemism/ ‘that which is nicely said’ etc.

    I’d call the discipline /memistics/ or /memology/. For the plugin, I suggest /katharsis/ ‘cleansing’ 😉

  7. Mary says:

    Perhaps it would be better to increase the mutation rate. “Examine the man sixth closest to you. Poke him in the stomach, hard. Report the sixth sentence he says following this.”

  8. Rob J. Caskey says:

    I propose excluding ” meme “. I’ve never seen a discussion even about a meme that was interesting. Ironically, this post would even be killed, but that would be OK by me!

  9. Dan Winship says:

    If someone does write a plugin to selectively filter certain speech from Planet, it really needs to be called Cosmic Censorship.

  10. Joseph says:

    There is a definite pattern. Somewhere within the text, there’s a numbered list containing instructions, and the instructions never change. look for posts containing the same OL and perhaps set a threshold of 3 before blocking.

  11. Jeff Waugh says:

    @Luzi: It’s also a pun on the word “eugenics”… which does not have very nice connotations, despite the “eu”. 🙂

  12. Jeff Waugh says:

    @Dan Winship: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nice. 🙂

  13. Luzi says:

    Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

    (These puns are sometimes hard to get in a foreign language…)

  14. Yes please!
    I’m passionate about books (new bookshelf from Ikea arrived today, the old one was full), but yeah, this book meme thing drives me nuts.

  15. matt says:

    Yea, sick of meme posts

  16. Alberto says:


    I just read the Planet and don’t post on it, but,

    I must disagree and say: I like meme post.

    I put on my Google Reader and one of my friends put it on his own blog and I think the whole stuff was funny.

    That’s all.


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