Let the Wookiee win

This is so chock-full of incredible goodness, I simply can’t comprehend how many layers of awesome there are. John Williams film music + Star Wars to song + choral incredibility + split-screen hilarity.

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8 Responses to Let the Wookiee win

  1. ethana2 says:

    That was amazing.

  2. James Tauber says:

    Most of the awesomeness is from the a cappella group Moosebutter. This guy has just done split-screen lip-syncing.

  3. Ted Leung says:

    Just. too. awesome.

  4. Benjamin Herr says:

    You misspelled Wookiee in the title. >:[

  5. Jeff Waugh says:

    @Benjamin Herr: Holy shit, that’s so embarrassing. I will have to devise a suitable punishment. Perhaps I will have to communicate only in grunts and growls for a day.

  6. Pia Waugh says:

    @jdub: would I notice any difference? 😉 @reply to Benjamin Herr

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