The Amazing Emanuel Brothers

President-Elect Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was the inspiration for The West Wing’s #1 White House hottie, Josh Lyman.

(Interesting aside: After serving as Deputy Chief of Staff to Leo McGarry through President Bartlet’s administration, Josh Lyman became Chief of Staff under President Matt Santos at the end of the series. The eerie similarities between Obama’s reality and The West Wing’s storyline continue…)

Ari Emanuel was the inspiration for Entourage’s hilarious super-agent, Ari Gold.

Ezekiel Emanuel is a medical ethicist.

Screenwriters, start your engines!

Yeah, perhaps the Emanuel family won’t be scoring a hat trick. 🙂

Update: Jonathan informs me that the Emanuel brothers were interviewed by Charlie Rose this week. Now to find it online!

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6 Responses to The Amazing Emanuel Brothers

  1. Jan Schmidt says:

    Maybe they could have Ezekiel do a cameo on House 🙂

  2. Bastien says:

    Spoil-f’ing-er. I’m 2 episodes away from the end of season of season 6 at home, and I was having fun seeing the correlation between the “minority” candidates. Damn you!

  3. TooTall says:

    ‘President-Elect Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was the inspiration for The West Wing’s #1 White House hottie, Josh Lyman.’

    Really? You know the screen writer? Like to know if there is a factual basis to your comment, or is it just speculation, being a big west wing fan AND a big Obama fan.

  4. Jeff Waugh says:

    @TooTall: Uh, the Emanuel/Lyman inspiration was well-known before Obama was even a national figure. Nutball.

    Next time, feel free to vent your anger about the Obama/Santos inspiration (yeah — even the West Wing writers didn’t believe an African-American was likely to be President) for the sixth and seventh series, though.

  5. mollymorph says:

    easily done … for a replay the really interesting interview from earlier this summer, just go to … the link is currently on the front page of the site.

  6. tootall says:

    Mollymorph, thanks, exactly what I was looking for. I am out of the loop, heads down, so I am not tuned in.

    Hey Jeff, not angry! Pleased! We got our guy into the white house. Angry at the plundering of the global economy YES.

    I really believed the West Wing was just going into hibernation, not really exiting. Maybe they will revive it.

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