The only thing that concerns me about an Obama presidency is the heightened possibility of extremist nutjobs making an attempt on his life. The last couple of weeks of the campaign have highlighted that it is indeed possible, even coming from quarters that purport to be “against terrorism” and “for America”.

More than ever, the USA needs an inspiring leader, so I don’t want to see Obama locked away from the people, forever stuck behind bulletproof glass podiums and the windows of heavily-armoured cars.

At least there’s one very tiny sliver of silver lining, if I may smother my concern with humour for a moment: We can call his car the Hopemobile.

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  1. Zac says:

    There are plenty of nutjobs in America. How can you explain 40-50% or more possibly voting for McCain? Haven’t these people an ounce of intelligence? Haven’t they learnt anything? There is no choice, Obama is the only one. Wake up people.

  2. Really? You honestly believe that if Senator Obama becomes president there will be a large # of people who will try to kill him?

    I would agree the USA does need an inspiring leader. I would argue that neither of the candidates who are currently running are inspiring. Neither of them inspire me to do anything.


  3. Jeff Waugh says:

    @Jonathan Jesse: I don’t think there’ll be a large number of people who will want to, let alone try.

    It would take only one.

    Given the vitriol on display during this campaign, the sense of division in US political thinking, and the depth of domestic trauma the USA will see over the next few years (we have only seen the beginning of the problems, and GWB has put the USA in an extremely precarious position)… the possibility, however horrifying, does exist.

    Political inspiration doesn’t motivate “terrorists” (despite the asinine tripe the current administration has attempted to feed the world).

  4. @zac I think it is a far cry from voting for someone of a diffenrent political leaning (ie voting for McCain) and taking the step of then trying to kill that person.

    @Jeff: I would agree there is amazing amount of vitriol on display on all sides of the campaign and I wish the whole thing was over. A part of me is afraid the campaign for 2012 will start as soon as the campaign for 2008 ends.

    Before we blame GWB for the current state of the economy, take a look at the amount of times the Republicans have tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and then look at how successful they were at doing so. They were blocked from passing. See the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005

  5. And trust me, I would rather have someone else other then Senator McCain or Senator Obama as President.

  6. Jeff Waugh says:

    Sorry, the talking points aren’t really worth a dime here — look at me! I can use folksy American expressions too!

    GWB has put the USA in a far deeper hole than he-said/she-said attacks about who supported which legislation. Both sides have had a role to play in the genesis of the current crisis (and you can point to failures on both sides with regards to housing and deregulation), but the last eight years in particular have cranked up domestic and global risk to a terrifying degree.

    You guys are in a vastly shittier position to deal with any crisis — local, global, financial, security — than you have ever been before. No fucking around: GWB, and a very sad state of faux-conservative thinking (which got him there in the first place), put you there.

    Let’s just hope that an electoral rout will lead to a healthy refresh of conservative thought, and nothing worse.

  7. Ian says:

    People have been trying to kill presidents for around two hundred years now. That only a couple have got dead and stayed that way suggests that it’s actually pretty hard to do. And though we do have a number of isolationist groups around the country that tend to be (1) pretty racist and (2) heavily armed, it’s important to remember they also tend to be (3) pretty retarded and (4) under constant surveillance.

    But to think Obama won’t be a bigger target than most, you have to be living in a fantasy. Because when it comes down to it, “inspiration” certainly runs both ways, and humans can be real shits.

  8. Jeff Waugh says:

    Meanwhile: Subprime Suspects: The right blames the credit crisis on poor minority homeowners. This is not merely offensive, but entirely wrong.

  9. Russ says:

    The slate article sets up a horrible straw man. The argument has never, ever been that the glut of failed mortgages are due to loaning to poor minorities.

    The argument has been that legislation and litigation have engineering the home loan industry to loan to those that would have otherwise not obtained the loan they received. Whether it be a $40,000 loan or a $500,000 loan. The push and motivation for the legislation and litigation has been the desire to balance the scales, too many of those who don’t own homes are minorities. However, the solution to lower the standards is wrongheaded.

  10. I’m a little scared of the same thing. Obama’s had pretty great security since January and I don’t think anyone would disagree that his security is a more serious issue than it is for our current criminal of a President.

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