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YouTube Four

I like Blizzard’s latest gimmick… memebait that is actually interesting. 🙂 Here’s my YouTube Four, care of the very appropriately named Firefox Awesome Bar: … and a bonus one because I can’t resist. But also because 5 is a … Continue reading

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WotD: surge

surge, noun — Throwing good after bad. Such as: money, lives, reputation, international good-will. Recent examples of use: Iraq, Wall Street, deregulation, tax cuts for the top 1%, War on Drugs.

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Drill Here, Drill Now?

Putting cynical populism, ignorance of global security and environmental vandalism into perspective… “Drill Here, Drill Now” is not even a short term solution, it’s a long term road to nowhere (via garrett). In fact, that’s precisely what returning a Republican … Continue reading

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Headless Dropbox

I have been playing around with the very impressive Dropbox, watching the surprisingly rapid syncing between my desktop and netbook, when I stumbled on a use case that would totally rock my socks off: I totally need a Dropbox on … Continue reading

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