What if fonts were people?

Hilarious video for Font Fascists (such as myself), via André Pang:

Font Conference from College Humor

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6 Responses to What if fonts were people?

  1. Thomas says:

    No way Comic Sans will ever save the day. :p

  2. jdub says:

    I couldn’t believe it either. SAY IT AIN’T SO! 😉

  3. Les Harris says:

    That was amazing jdub.

  4. Paul says:

    Isn’t it way past time to retire the ‘french always surrender’ joke. It stopped being funny in the 1960s. That and the whole English have bad teeth and bad food ouvre.

    It’s time for America to invent some new 21st century xenophobic cliches.

  5. Tor Lillqvist says:

    I must be a boring old fart, but actually, I don’t find this funny, it’s too dumbed down… What Paul said, and it’s silly that only the typefaces your mother knows are represented in a “font” conference. Would people like Baskerville Old Face use the word “font” when they mean typeface?

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