Projects that make my WordPress rock!

Here are some of the projects that I enjoy using with WordPress… Perhaps you’ll find them as useful as I have.

  • WordPress and WordPress MU (multi-user)

    It’s hard to make recommendations related to WordPress without mentioning the project itself, and its twisted sister, WordPress MU. Both are improving in leaps and bounds, and it’s a pleasure finding all the cool new things as I track their development trunks. WordPress 2.6 is the latest major release, with lots of cool new goodies… Donncha is rapidly catching up to those changes with WordPress MU. I wrote nice things about them on my Projects that make GNOME rock! post, too.

  • Sandbox

    I am a minimalist at heart, but with a fondness for cleverly expressive minimalism, so the Sandbox theme blows my mind. If you just look at the theme on the surface, it seems like a very boring, no-frills blob of unstyled HTML. But the genius lays waiting beneath the surface, in the highly evolved markup. Cunningly generated classes deliver extraordinary flexibility to a designer working with CSS. Just look at the body and tags to get a good idea of what you can do. Be the signal is 100% Sandbox + custom CSS, with no added ingredients… and it changes colour every hour! 😉

  • Akismet & Bad Behavior

    The one-two punch in my anti-blog-spam regime. Bad Behavior protects against abusive hosts and patterns of use, while Akismet does content filtering. As such, with an MTA analogy, they’re like a great combo of solid Postfix policy as front-line defense, plus DSPAM content filtering. Like my mailservers, I might not run both in every situation, but it’s great that they’re both available to protect the innocent. 🙂

  • Twitter Tools

    Keeps my tweeps up to date with my blog, and lets my blog readers (bleeps?) know that I use Twitter and what I’m up to. I don’t use the daily blog archive feature, but lots of people enjoy that… despite it being one of the latest controversial content issues on Planets. I really ought to add (or most likely “generic Twitter-style API”) support and see if Alex accepts the patch…

  • OpenID

    It’s great that companies and sites like Sun, AOL and MySpace are becoming OpenID providers, but the web really needs more consumers. So pretty much every WordPress blog I set up has Will Norris’ WP-OpenID plugin installed. A while back I hacked it up to work with WordPress MU (always on, in mu-plugins), which was great for GNOME Blogs. I need to update that to the latest versions and see if Will might accept a nicer patch than the last one. 😉

  • Typogrify

    As a card-carrying Font Fascist, it delights me that so many folks are working hard to improve typography on the web. I know that sounds a bit like “folks are working hard to improve oxygen on the moon”, but we’ll get there. 🙂 Typogrify filters your posts to provide some cute ways of draining your own swamp, such as adding helpful markup to improve styleability of things like allcaps words, initial quotes, etc.

  • My own cheesy plugins

    I’ve only managed to upload a few of my custom plugins to the WordPress Extend repository (which is a fantastic way to manage plugins for a widely-used platform, by the way), and thus far they’re kinda simple and cheesy.

    • @reply automagically adds Twitter-style replying to your comments.
    • Bug Links adds stylish links to common FOSS bug tracking systems — this was mainly written for GNOME Blogs, so I’m particularly happy that Thomas uses it regularly for his very cool metacity blog.
    • OpenSearch* adds OpenSearch discovery to your WordPress site, so users can add your site to their search dropdown (in, say, Firefox). I need to improve it further to support the whole OpenSearch specification.
    • Tango Smilies makes your emoticons not look like arse!

Thanks, of course, to all of the developers and contributors to these projects. 🙂

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10 Responses to Projects that make my WordPress rock!

  1. Tiago Faria says:

    What about releasing that .CSS? 🙂

  2. jdub says:

    You can read it directly on the site. 🙂

  3. Tiago Faria says:

    I just wanted your permission 🙂

  4. Sandbox is an amazing theme. Might have to steal it for my website.

  5. Susan says:

    A very good list. 🙂

  6. jamesh says:

    Bad Behaviour seems useful except when it targets you on your own blog. It is incredibly annoying to try and save a post and get the BB error page, click back and find all your work has disappeared.

    You\’d think a valid authenticated session cookie would be enough to see you\’re okay.

  7. Gray says:

    @jdub i tried the plugin, but i noticed it only worked with @jdub: but i use twitter quite often, we don’t need the “:” suggest update plugin without the “:”

  8. Yihui Xie says:

    Hi, it seems that your Tango-Smilies plugin does not work any more under WordPress 2.8. (See your own post for example) The problem possibly comes from the regular expression $wp_smiliessearch[] = '/(\s|^)'.preg_quote($smiley, '/').'(\s|$)/';, but I cannot figure it out. Could you please help me? Thanks!

    • Jeff Waugh says:

      @Yihui Xie: Thanks for letting me know — I’ve just released version 3.0 of the plugin. A much faster method of smiley replacement was implemented in WordPress 2.8, which mucked around with the (somewhat naughty) way I was doing things. All fixed now! 🙂

  9. Yihui Xie says:

    @Jeff Waugh: Thanks a lot! To replace <img src='$siteurl/wp-includes/images/smilies/ instead of dealing with regular expressions… hmm… a smart trick 💡

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