Power Boards

You could probably power a small island with all of these. Oh wait, we are! A rather large number of our favourite iconic green laptops will be charging on these surge-protected power boards very soon. 🙂

Pia will land in Niue next week, as one member of an elite team tasked with kickstarting the world’s first 100% saturation deployment of OLPCs. Of course, it helps that Niue is a tiny island nation in the middle of the Pacific!

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4 Responses to Power Boards

  1. Jason Wendt says:

    They’re called power strips.

  2. jdub says:

    You’re likely to find that many things have different names all around the world. But thanks anyway.

  3. ed says:

    I watched Niue play in the rugby 7s in the Manchester Commonwealth games. Go Niue!!! Yellow and blue 4ever!

  4. S Page says:

    Rather than a power strip for 6 wall warts, why not have one transformer that goes from 110V to the XO-1\’s 12 V DC and has six leads coming out of it? It would be slightly more efficient, and kids wouldn\’t have to bring their wall wart to school. Plus, fewer 110V sockets near kids\’ fingers.

    Anyway, great to hear of another deployment. OLPC will soon be the most popular {Linux distribution|Fedora release|education project|laptop} on Earth, not bad for a project that armchair experts have pronounced a failure over and over.

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