Fail We Can Believe In

Fail We Can Believe In

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10 Responses to Fail We Can Believe In

  1. Steven Noble says:

    Ha! Just turned this into my desktop picture. 🙂

  2. Marco Fabbri says:

    Ah ah ah, this is just awesome!

  3. lando says:

    this is effin fantastic… its my new desktop at work…

    i can almost hear McCain saying this in his creepy tone…

  4. Brad Jensen says:

    Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are the few ones actually fighting for users freedoms right now, and people still blindly choose McCain or Obama.. “You should never choose the lesser of the two evils.” — Richard Stallman

  5. Love it. From a technical perspective, is the Twitter due to a lack of servers and the high usage rates or a problem in the way it was designed/written?

  6. jdub says:

    From all reports, it appears to be an architectural issue. didn’t start out with the best architecture, but because it’s Open Source, it can be improved. Hooray for freedom!

  7. I should probably move over the—I hear I can still publish updates automatically onto twitter also?

  8. jdub says:

    @Simon Pascal Klein: not thus far, but it’s in the TODO list.

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