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“No Twitter sex for you” by ChipX86. 🙂

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The World’s Most Famous McDonald’s Sign: Yass, Australia

Yass’ most famous export (other than Pipka!) appeared in FailBlog today. Hooray for Yass! Hooray for FailBlog! … and hooray for annoying my entire adopted family. 😉 see more pwn and owned pictures

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Flickr Photo Album

I forgot to mention one WordPress plugin I enjoy using in my previous post, because I wasn’t sure if it was still being maintained. Turns out the maintainer, Joe Tan, just did a release today, bringing it up to speed … Continue reading

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What if fonts were people?

Hilarious video for Font Fascists (such as myself), via André Pang: Font Conference from College Humor

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Projects that make my WordPress rock!

Here are some of the projects that I enjoy using with WordPress… Perhaps you’ll find them as useful as I have. WordPress and WordPress MU (multi-user) It’s hard to make recommendations related to WordPress without mentioning the project itself, and … Continue reading

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Power Boards

You could probably power a small island with all of these. Oh wait, we are! A rather large number of our favourite iconic green laptops will be charging on these surge-protected power boards very soon. 🙂 Pia will land in … Continue reading

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inbox zero status: ZERO

After declaring inbox bankruptcy, changing the way I collect and manage my email, and tweeting a few times about my attempt to embrace the zen of Inbox Zero, I decided to automate the process, removing any potential editorialising between email … Continue reading

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Egg Pants

The surprisingly web-mysterious Alice recently found a lovely present for me during her visit to MoMA in New York (swoon!). She discovered this delightful combination of two of my favourite things: Trousers and novelty crockery. Thank you, Alice!

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