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  1. dbmoodb says:

    Wow, so in australia alone the open source industry is worth that much. I suggest microsoft wake up and smell the cookies, you have suggested previously that linux is 1% of the market and it would be stupid for some one to make a product for it like office etc. But you neglected the fact that this 1% is a few hundred million people. — + all they would have to do is work with the guys at wine (they probably would benefit — seeing wine can out perform microsoft’s own dll / app setup).

  2. dbmoodb says:

    Oh and more relevant, i have spoken to a few people in government departments and they do or did when i spoke to them say that open source wasn’t supported. To give you an idea, the cms of one of the departments is made by a local company because they offer a customised product from the ground up and offer support.

    Perhaps there is a need to encourage government spending on open source projects to meet government solutions. There is only so much a programmer can do. The open source industry will really take off when it is talking to the person on the street about what bothers them.

    Linux / foss is here and ready, people do not have a total solution. It solves 90% of problems but the other 10% might be the deciding factor (support, customization without hiring a programmer).

    Also, federal government departments will be using it more and more …. due to decreasing budgets.

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