GNOME in MarkMail

So when Tim O’Reilly pimped MarkMail a few weeks ago, with a post about their huge Perl mail archive import, I liked what I saw.

But it wasn’t just that. I also wondered how much we kicked Perl’s arse. Or, put more diplomatically… I wondered what the difference might be between two large, mature FLOSS projects.

Of course, GNOME and Perl have very different structures, requirements and constituents, and there’s simply no point making comparisons with Apache’s… consortium of projects. 😉

More seriously, I really liked the visualisation, interface and rich querying capabilities. The attention to detail to these issues makes MarkMail the #1 mail archive site I’ve seen.

Thanks to Jason Hunter at Mark Logic, we now have a full import of the GNOME mailing list archives to play with in MarkMail. Enjoy!

Update: Jason has announced the loading of 750,000 GNOME mailing list archive emails. Rock on!

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