Example spanners for today

Ridiculous, amusing, inconvenient and even plain worrying things tend to happen in the lead-up to Important Events For Which You Have Planned. Sometimes a certain amount of irony is involved, sometimes it’s Murphy’s law.

I have selected four examples of these sorts of events from today. There were many more, of course, but here are four:

  1. Pia goes to hospital, thankfully returning this evening. Still in pain, but better.
  2. The caterers realise they’ve double-booked, and somehow manage to re-book us with their competitor on the day before our (thus far 70 person) event.
  3. Standards Australia announce their OOXML decision, prompting discussion, phone calls from journalists, etc.
  4. The batteries in my keyboard and mouse die at exactly the same time. During the Microsoft Technology Summit last year, like Luis, I bought one of the only things worth buying at the Redmond campus employee shop: A Microsoft keyboard (and mouse).

Today, we push pixels. Tomorrow, we move mountains! 🙂

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