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links for 2008-01-25

US comedian Will Ferrell wins James Joyce award “I will also continue to drive on the left-hand side of the road. Will it be dangerous? Yes. Is it illegal? Highly. But that’s just how committed I am [to my Irish … Continue reading

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links for 2008-01-24

Ubuntu 7.10 on the XPS M1330 “Starting today, customers in Germany, United Kingdom, France and now Spain can purchase Ubuntu 7.10 with built-in DVD playback on the XPS 1330n” — Good move by Dell, shipping Ubuntu on highly desirable hardware… … Continue reading

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links for 2008-01-18

Transactional Debian Upgrades with ZFS on Nexenta “Meet apt-clone(8). The tool which integrates with the Nexenta system, keeps track of upgrade checkpoints and allows to create/destroy/edit checkpoints by request.” — Where Solaris could be today, if Indiana had built upon … Continue reading

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links for 2008-01-17

WPhone, WordPress Plugin “Looking to manage your WordPress install via your phone? Then the award winning WPhone plugin is exactly what you need.” — Extraordinarly tasty (and tasteful!) WordPress admin interface plugin for mobile bloggers. Very sweet. (tags: wordpress plugin … Continue reading

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links for 2008-01-16

‘Right to privacy’ for sex in public loos “In a legal effort to help US senator [Larry Craig], the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is arguing that people who have sex in public toilets have an expectation of privacy.” — … Continue reading

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links for 2008-01-14

Bollocks – Wikipedia “‘Bollocks’ is a word of Anglo Saxon origin, meaning ‘testicles’. The word is often used figuratively.” — I linked this (without checking if it existed) as a joke today. Turned out to be incredibly comprehensive, including bonus … Continue reading

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Projects that make GNOME rock!

James Maguire at Datamation published an article late last year about the favourite projects of FLOSS industry and community leaders. Uh huh, I’m still catching up with 2007! 🙂 With my GNOME Foundation hat on I thought that, rather than … Continue reading

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links for 2008-01-12

Changes “After almost 9 years, today was my last day at Red Hat. I’ll miss it, and all the great people there.” — Holy jamoly. It will be very interesting to see where Havoc lands. Here’s hoping he stays within … Continue reading

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links for 2008-01-11

Confessions of a shop assistant “There, on the gleaming tiles in front of a row of plasma-screen TVs, was an enormous human turd.” — Entire article worth it for just this sentence. (tags: shopgirl shop department store human turd) Great … Continue reading

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Congratulations — KDE 4.0!

Hearty congratulations to our friends in the KDE community, who shipped KDE 4.0 today! It’s a hard slog for any software development team to wrangle a major release such as this, but if our experience since shipping GNOME 2.0 is … Continue reading

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