Gathering questions for Linux Australia committee candidates

Linux Australia

In order to facilitate a more active discussion with candidates for the Linux Australia committee than we’ve had in previous years, I’m gathering questions from the community in order to pose them in one email. This helps to reduce the chaos on the mailing list, puts a concise set of questions to candidates, and results in a clear place to read answers from them.

Closer to the election date, the anonymised questions will be posted for candidates to respond to, and for the community to discuss. I will get some other Linux Australia members, who are not running for election, to participate in the selection of questions.

Please post your questions in the comments, or mail them to me if you’re not comfortable asking in public.

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2 Responses to Gathering questions for Linux Australia committee candidates

  1. Glynn Foster says:

    Pity, the candidates link requires membership!

  2. Fred says:

    What is the candidates committement to work with all vendors whether open, shared or closed source to provide better interactions and interceptions of ideas and thought process to further the FOSS footprint into all sectors of the ICT economy?

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