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Given the feature list for WordPress 2.3 and the very strong warnings that came with every pre-release, I figured I should actually test this upgrade before going live.

So I did my usual process of importing the tarball into my bzr branch of mainline and merging with my customised perkypants.org branch (I really ought to document this some time — using bzr is such a massive time-saver!), but this time I did a trial upgrade on my local web server instead of pushing directly to the production site.

I ran the database upgrade script. Uneventful.

The category page included a conversion tool to switch categories to tags. I’ve been using categories as if they were tags for a while now, so I converted a whole bunch. Uneventful.

All my plugins were compatible, though I removed one in favour of the internal canonical permalinks support. Uneventful.

At this point I decided to push to the production server and migrate the other WordPress sites I administer, Pia’s blog and the Liberty Theatre blog. Uneventful.

So, does this mean I regard the WordPress 2.3 release as uneventful?

No way, it’s totally sweet! Another great incremental release with lots of under-the-bonnet improvements. I particularly like the Atom feed and publishing support (though I do wish the WP hackers would bite the bullet and switch to Atom by default — I like Internet standards more than Internet soap operas).

But the upgrade was blissfully uneventful. 🙂

Thanks again, WordPress hackers!

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