QoTD: Jeff Hodges

“Fail hard. Fail with motherfucking gusto. Succeeding, like flying, is throwing yourself to the ground and missing.”Jeff Hodges, offering advice on how to get people to hack on your project

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4 Responses to QoTD: Jeff Hodges

  1. Corey says:

    Throwing yourself at the ground and missing i how flying is done in H2G2. Kinda makes this a meta QoTD

  2. Jeff,
    I’ve enjoyed your other posts to the Planet, but I feel that this one is quite inappropriate due to the strong language. Ubuntu is about community, and I personally would appreciate if the contents of the Planet were kept G-rated.

  3. jdub says:

    Trevor, my words are not written for any of the (many!) Planets they happen to appear on, they’re written for my blog. Good Planet communities reflect their people, not the other way around, so it would be terrible for anyone to change their writing because it appears on a community Planet.

  4. jdub says:

    Corey, it’s a QoTD precisely because of the enjoyable allusion.

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