QoTD: Len Brown

“Apparently a market for more config options is alive and well. Thank you for helping make the future of Linux more clear to me.” — Len Brown, on the tastefulness of Linux config options

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2 Responses to QoTD: Len Brown

  1. TimC says:

    I haven’t read the thread, but it looks like he is a gnome fan ;P

    Config options are for big fat meanie heads!

  2. erni says:

    OMG. I read most of that thread through, shaking my head in disbelief. Is LKML always that bad?

    I mean, these guys have absolutely no social skills whatsoever, they are focusing oten on entirely irrelevant points, and have an insane constant fight about who is better going on. In many other places half of the non-solid-fact components of that thread would be considered as plain brainfarts, and the worst brainfarter seems usually to “win” and get on top of the stack.

    Okay I understand.. They are what you might want to call nerds I guess 🙂 Apply some incentives for them to handle the technical parts and they are likely magnificent. I would just never allow them out of their dungeon and my customers to actually see them.

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