Wow. Is it possible that Michael Bay’s reputation could be… uh… transformed by his new film? A whole two thirds of the film went by before his trademark gratuitous slo-mo action shot!

It turned out to be a solid, popcorn-worthy action/comedy flick, with lots of amusing homage to the original Transformers. There was a smattering of gash dialogue, silly characterisation and the usual landslide of casual cultural imperialism, but I was able to suspend my gag-reflex for the most part.

John Tuturro plays a hilarious supporting role as an obnoxious bad guy, and here’s hoping Shia LaBeouf replaces Tom Cruise in everything. Even Katie Holmes. 🙂

Ultimately, it’s a bunch of great big robots blowing shit up and crashing into each other… with a few mildly amusing humans along for the ride. Worth seeing on the big screen.

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3 Responses to Transformers

  1. Sir,

    I feel I must complain; comments about replacing Tom Cruise have resulted in me expurgating my breakfast cereal upon my keyboard in a most inappropriate fashion. Such comments are as like to stir open letters to the community and I warrant I am most vexed by it !


    Ivor Legova.

  2. Alan says:

    Dammit, not released in Ireland until July 27.

  3. Andre Pang says:

    Hell yeah, Transformers gets a solid 8/10 from me. The chick is hot, humour was good, and the action kicked arse. Most importantly (here I go into geek mode), the whole Archangel-like stance of Optimus Prime in his beliefs and execution of upholding Good was retained in the movie. A shame that you didn’t get to see the more bad-ass side of Megatron.

    Oh, and I loved the classic quotes that paid homage to the series: Optimus Prime saying “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings” and “One shall stand, one shall fall”, Megatron’s “Maggot!” and “You disappointment me again, Starscream!” calls. And of course the stupid cheesy “More than meets the eye” quote by Spike, which was just totally ad-hoc. Only fan complaint was that the tank should’ve been Brawl, not Devastator. Devastator should’ve been… Devastator.

    It’s good enough to make me dig out my old horrible Transformers DVDs and see how crap the cartoons really were! (Well, at least Season One).

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