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Wow. Is it possible that Michael Bay’s reputation could be… uh… transformed by his new film? A whole two thirds of the film went by before his trademark gratuitous slo-mo action shot! It turned out to be a solid, popcorn-worthy … Continue reading

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Mako joins the FSF Board!

A very welcome surprise: Mako will be reducing the average age of the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors, after the recent resignation of long-serving director Eben Moglen (and the likely departure of Lawrence Lessig in the near future). Sadly, … Continue reading

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Freedom of Automation

Jon Udell links to → his interview with Jeannette Wing about computational thinking → which reminds me of Conrad Parker’s Freedom of Automation talk (Ogg, 19M) at our Software Freedom Day event in Sydney last year.

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If the Ocean’s films are the culture tax I have to pay for Clooney’s other work, roll on Ocean’s Fourteen!

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Speaking with customers

Today, Pipka came home with a story about a customer who was considering moving to a 100% Windows environment because he was merely unfamiliar with Linux. Now, I wouldn’t recommend the strategy she used in the general case — in … Continue reading

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Measuring Blackouts with Cacti

Every zero point on this graph — which represents the last two months of uptime on my laser printer (!) — is the result of a blackout. The first was kind of disappointing. The rest have just been annoying: Getting … Continue reading

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GNOME in The 5th Wave

Shreyas noticed that the The 5th Wave’s June 17, 2007 strip includes a homage to GNOME! Rocking! Update: Melissa points out that UserFriendly was pretty awesome on the 17th too.

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Filing Google bugs… but where?

Is there a place to file Google bugs? I couldn’t find one, so here is a report I uploaded to the cloud. 🙂 Description of the problem: Google returns feed URLs in search results. These are rarely helpful to searchers … Continue reading

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Firefox: Still Saving the Web!

Steve Jobs’ vision for the web, rendered as a pie chart.

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Preview as Screenshot

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