Software Freedom Upgrade Rainbow

Although the Ubuntu developer branch quiet period was very well timed — considering the many recent Important Engagements for which a predictably-functioning laptop has been necessary — I now have the elbow-room to get back on the upgrade rainbow. What a relief that it’s back!

Unlike the proprietary software upgrade treadmill, the Software Freedom upgrade rainbow is a pleasant and surprising experience, delivering warm, delicious packages of awesome every day. One day, your computer may be blessed with longer battery life. The next, you may enjoy beautiful new artwork for your desktop background. Tomorrow, you may find a new application or game to add to your treasure chest.

Every now and then it rains, and you find yourself shaving yaks. But even through that brief drudgery, you know that after the rain, a beautiful new rainbow will appear… a Software Freedom upgrade rainbow.

So today, another hearty thank you to all the contributors who make my world of Software Freedom so beautiful. I’ll be celebrating those contributions, and telling my part of the world about them, on Software Freedom Day, September 15th this year. You can too!

Hmm. I think their masthead needs a rainbow. 🙂

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  1. MS says:

    Please be advised that the processes you have described are covered by 235 of Microsoft’s patents. Methods to increase battery life are covered by 70 of our patents. Freedom is covered by 73 of our patents. Rainbows, and methods to create same (including both sunshine and rain), violate 62 Microsoft patents. Royalty checks can be sent to 1 Microsoft Way.

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