Poll Position

In Australia, there is a key position — fundamental to our governance, and almost unique to the Australian political landscape — that we, the people of this nation, do not elect. As I say this, you may be thinking of the Governor-General, representative of our head of state, the Queen… but there is a far more important position at stake here.

John Howard: “We’re clearly behind at the moment and I don’t expect any great change in that. I expect this to be a very hard fought election and the toughest that the Government has faced.”

Kevin Rudd: “I expect that we’ll take a pounding in the opinion polls as a result of this budget on the politics of it. […] There’s still a few months to go before this election, but he’ll get a surge in the polls and I dare say I won’t.”

That’s right sports fans: It’s the race of the year! One which you can’t decide! Who will be… The Underdog?

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2 Responses to Poll Position

  1. Maybe they are both expecting a surprise comeback of the Australian Democrats?

  2. That’s like saying The Greens will win the election this year.

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