Filter this!

Just by looking at this picture, can you guess what NetFox do?

Saucy Minx

That’s right! NetFox produce a policy-based web filtering product, to protect you from the evils of the Internet and skyrocketing bandwidth bills care of your porn-hungry employees or students.

Which is precisely why they have this saucy minx on their front page, to clearly demonstrate the dangers of the Interweb. It’s probably just a stock photo, but that look demands to be understood. Some images utterly burst with intrigue, crying out for us to find out the story behind them. Like this one.

(I know of NetFox only via Tim Riley, of Ubuntu in SA schools fame.)

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6 Responses to Filter this!

  1. Joe Buck says:

    So now you’ve got me curious. But the article you linked to as “this one” has dead links, so I didn’t get to see the non-work-safe splash screen.

  2. jdub says:

    Fixed. Thanks, Joe. 🙂

  3. Daniel Draper says:

    Haha! I couldn’t resist when I saw that one. Ok, so maybe this NetFox CEO is not the best person to be speaking out against porn – thats what the sales guys are for!

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