WordPress Tango/GNOME Smilies

Been playing with Tango icons recently, so had the bright idea of swapping out most of the default WordPress smilies for luscious Tango and GNOME icon theme emotes:

… icky ➡ awesome …

Much nicer! Cheesy and nasty, but I just copied the PNGs over the original GIFs in the bzr repository I use to manage our WordPress deployments. I really ought to write about that some time…

Update: Check out my awesome Tango/GNOME Smilies plugin for WordPress and WordPress MU. Rock on with your Tango on!

Update: Eventually I submitted this as a patch for core, and it was committed for inclusion in WordPress 2.9. Plus, the patch adds support for some bonus funky emotes that were available in the Tango/GNOME themes. Hooray!

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7 Responses to WordPress Tango/GNOME Smilies

  1. molgar says:

    Nice, although the wink one seems out of place 😉

    Why didn’t you use face-wink.png?

  2. Those look nifty, can you make a tarball for us lazy bums? 🙂

  3. I love those icons, but they don’t really scale very well to 16×16.

  4. Christoph says:

    Hey, the monkey is missing. It at least my favourite tango smiley 😀

  5. jdub says:

    molgar, I did. You might want to shift-reload to dodge the cache hit on your end. 🙂

    Trevor, they’re not scaled to 16×16. They are 16×16. Yay for Tango icons!

    Christoph, I couldn’t figure out a good one to use with the monkey. I like it too!

  6. Christoph says:

    You edit the wp-includes/vars.php and added new ones like :monkey: or so. Also the plugin wp-grins is nice, which display the smilies.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nice. I love it when evolution uses these smilies, and now I can hope to see it on blogs too 🙂

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