GNOME mail services feedback wanted

I’ve been very happy with GNOME’s mail services since performing major repairs in July… List administrators have had less spam to moderate, owners of mail aliases have received less spam, we’ve had a consistent list turnaround time of between 3 and 5 seconds, and it has required significantly less day-to-day attention. Very satisfying.

However, there have been some reports over the last couple of weeks regarding the GNOME mail services exhibiting “suboptimal behaviour”, mostly related to list email being marked as low-risk spam and stuck in moderation. An inconvenience more than anything, but not one that I want to expose to our ever-vigilant list admins or eager list participants.

So, if you have any feedback about GNOME mail services (preferably your own experiences), please comment on this post, or send a message to the gnome-infrastructure list. Thanks!

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  1. Glynn says:

    It would be awesome if you had some more specific details of this – I know the OpenSolaris dudes would be really keen to know any shared experiences.

  2. I have had serious problems with mail being sent out of, such as foundation membership-committee stuff and CVS (now SVN) automated account request handling stuff.

    My experience:

    * Requested CVS account around October and my voucher did not ever see the mail requesting confirmation of me sent to him 1.5 months after the request. After getting to know a mail was supposed to have been sent to him (they send none to the account requester) things were handled through different means, I believe.

    * Filled foundation membership webform on 16th December. A confirmation mail of the fact has never hit my INBOX (and I skim through my marked as junk vfolder). Later I find an automated mail was in the membership-committee mailing list archives. Two months later I find that my primary contact was contacted by mail (that was publicly archived too for some reason) a week before seeing it archives. I query him if he has seen any such mail, he says a definite NO. And so I’m sitting in void once again until I have time to contact relevant people.

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