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QoTD: Little Manhattan

“Love is an ugly, terrible business, practiced by fools.” — Gabe, from Little Manhattan

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QoTD: Miguel de Icaza

“Implement a Gtk# widget that brings the Office-like ribbons to Gtk#. Focus is on managed widgets, not in C-based widgets.” — Miguel de Icaza, Mono Summer of Code ideas (emphasis mine). Go team. 🙁 It’s also pretty sad that they’re … Continue reading

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E is for Europe

This is why it’s clear to me that the E in GUADEC still stands for Europe: While some folks are trying to widen the scope by appealing to the faux fairness of sharing, I think the evidence pins true fairness … Continue reading

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GNOME 2.18: Simplemente Hermoso

Just delicious. Simply beautiful. GNOME 2.18 shipped last week, right on schedule, and I’m enjoying the fleeting wonderment of running an even-numbered GNOME release. Not for very long of course, there’s work to do. 🙂

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QoTD: Ron Hovsepian

“[The covenant not to sue] was one of the business things [Microsoft] wanted out of it, and, in defense of them, it was really probably secondary or tertiary in the discussions and it took a little bit of time for … Continue reading

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Missing you at BOSSA

Unfortunately I’m not in Brazil for BOSSA this week due to illness — not even healthy enough to argue with my doctor about it. Missing Brazil again! Gah. 🙁 I wouldn’t normally announce my non-presence at a conference here, but … Continue reading

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GNOME mail services feedback wanted

I’ve been very happy with GNOME’s mail services since performing major repairs in July… List administrators have had less spam to moderate, owners of mail aliases have received less spam, we’ve had a consistent list turnaround time of between … Continue reading

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Holy Penguin Pee

Clare blogged about Ubuntu wine, and wondered if other FLOSS products had their own drop… How about the 2003 Holy Penguin Pee? Apparently, it really does taste like penguin pee (and not of the blessed variety), so I’m keeping … Continue reading

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QoTD: Emmanuele Bassi

“So, waiting for Project Ridley to come to the rescue is not going to cut it anymore: if you are proposing to move some functionality from a library to GLib or GTK+ be prepared to work on the whole code … Continue reading

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links for 2007-03-03

Attracting commerce-minded devs to an open source business “If anyone says that you can’t make money doing open-source type work, they’re just wrong.” — The Don, New Zealand and Catalyst IT’s Don Christie telling it like it is, at the … Continue reading

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