Cheney in Sydney

“[The Premier of New South Wales] said state firearms regulations had been amended to allow Mr Cheney’s US Secret Service bodyguards to carry firearms during the visit because the vice president’s security was of paramount concern.”Protesters warned over VP violence

Good to see we’re adapting our wonderfully stringent firearm laws to make sure the US Secret Service can keep Cheney from shooting our citizens.

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  1. Miguel de Icaza says:


  2. Henry says:,%20p%20829%5D.pdf

    “The object of this Regulation is to provide for exceptions to the provision of the Firearms Regulation 2006 that prevents the Commissioner of Police from issuing a firearms permit to an applicant who intends to possess or use a firearm for personal protection or for the protection of another person. Any such exception will be at the Commissioner’s discretion and will only be given if requested by the Commonwealth Government.”

    Basically, how I understand it(IANAL): beforehand you weren’t allowed to have a firearm permit issued to you if the Commissioner believed the firearm was for protecting yourself or someone else; now, though, the Commonwealth can request the Commissioner to issue said permit despite it being for personal protection.

    In concrete terms, I don’t think it’s anything to be in too much of a huff over. Although, in principle, it’s kind of a sad state of affairs – that we’re changing our Regulations just so Cheney can visit and keep his Secret Service goons armed seems just a touch ludicrous.

  3. Henry says:

    TinyURL’d: (PDF – 2 pages, not sure of exact size)

  4. Brian says:

    Henry — There are people that may want to kill Vice President Cheney (a good deal of them are probably American though, and not Australian). They _certainly_ are not going to apply for a permit from the Commissioner so that they may carry a gun to kill him with.

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