QoTD: Jeff Waugh

“I was ready to walk out, because it sounded like the stupidest thing ever.” — Jeff Waugh on Ubuntu’s origins

Hilarious quote on cover of Linux Format

It feels utterly silly to be citing myself in QoTD, but this hilariously out of context quote on the cover of Linux Format 87 couldn’t go without mention.

Read the complete interview, including bits not found in the magazine, to see the quote in all its contextual glory. There’s a bunch of good stuff in there about GNOME, usability, early Ubuntu history, and my mother-in-law.

As it happens, the interview was done after OSCON in July 2006, at the end of my final pimpin’ trip for Canonical, and on my very last day at the company.

Bonus quote from LXF87: “Go find a Linux distribution that has done one-tenth the innovation that we have done on the Linux desktop.” — Nat Friedman, apparent victim of Innovator’s Dilemma Syndrome. We wish him a swift recovery!

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