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  1. John says:

    I am not sure about Thrifty. They consider themselves not a victim of vendor lockin, but if you consider each OS has been made unique (kernel expected maybe) there is no real thing as a not locked environment. Each vendor adds its own flavour to provide that unique value proposition, the difference is the lockin once you fully adopt the proposition

  2. dave kempe says:

    The kernel thrifty runs is a kernel with their hardware requirements and 1 patch which is adapted from to make it run on 2.6.17 for dm-multipathing.
    So in some regards, the Thrifty kernel is actually less locked in than the Ubuntu kernel. A kernel runs fine on Ubuntu Dapper btw. Its actually a more risky move *not* using a vendor kernel – you then have to maintain security patches yourself.
    You couldn’t take an upstream kernel and make it work as easily as we did (aside from the SCO abi shoehorning) without ‘freedom from vendor lockin’. I say this with authority cos I was the one who built the kernel in question 🙂

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